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                                                           RULES MAY BE SUBJECT TO CHANGE TO ENHANCE GAME PLAY.   





 5 vs 5 Basketball Rules of the Game


General Basketball Rules

  • There is  back court violation

  • There is  8 second violation

  • There is 3 seconds in the key

  • There is 5 seconds closely guarded

  • All teams must have a uniform. Players without a uniform will receive a technical foul.

Game Rules

  • All games will start at their scheduled time

  • Each game is 15 minutes in length, time never stops running during the game.

  • If a team is over 15 minutes late, the opposing team wins by default.

  • If a team is 10 minutes late (or under), the opposing team will be rewarded the equivalent amount of time in points

  • If game is tied a shoot out will be done to decide the winner.



  • All players must be registered to be able to play.

  • Players must change in the locker rooms at all times.


  • Each player and each team is responsible for calling their own fouls.

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