There is  8 second back court violation

There is 3 seconds in the key

There is 5 seconds closely guarded

There is 24 seconds shot clock.( If permitted)

All games will start at their scheduled time ( to the best of our abilities)

Each Half is 18 minutes in length, stop time

 Overtime is 3 minutes in length.

 In the event of a team with 4 players, they will be allowed to add 2 players max from the league.

 In the event of a team with 5 players, they will be allowed to add 1 players max from the league.

 Each team gets 2 timeouts per game.        Each team gets 1 timeout in overtime

A player has to have a League uniform with a number at the start of the game, or a technical foul will result against that player (see Fouls for Technical Foul details).


Only players that are on a team's roster and that have paid the league fee are eligible to play in  games

Players are only eligible for the playoffs if they played in (50%) or more of their team's games throughout the season.        Roster additions cannot be made to any team after 50% of the season.

All roster additions are subject to League Office approval


Default/Forfeit Rule

Any team that shows up with 3 or fewer players (from their roster) forfeits the current game

Any team that show up after grace period (10 minutes) will result in a forfeit or a game will be played with the late team being down 10 points.  The game time will be reduced so the league will be on schedule.  However, if a team is 15 minutes plus is consider a forfeit. Teams can play for fun….



Every effort is made to ensure that each game is played.  Out of respect for the other      team, we ask that captains contact the league coordinator within 48 of the start of the game in case of a cancellation, so that League management can try to find a replacement for the game.  However, a team cancelling a game will be charged with a default and the game will not be rescheduled.



Any team not that has not paid before the 1st game will not be permitted to play and     will lose by default (that game will not be made up).  Any team that has not paid before the 2nd game will be permanently removed from the schedule. (the same will apply for the 2nd and 3rd payments)


The number of teams eligible for the playoffs will depend on the size of the division

A team is not allowed to add or pickup players for a playoff game

Playoff games can be played with a minimum of 4 players on a side




Each game has 2 officials in attendance

All players will treat the officials with respect.

It is up to the official to call fouls and technical fouls and they have full authority from the League to do so at their discretion

The use of profanity towards officials will not be tolerated and can result in technical fouls, suspensions or expulsion from DBC and all its affiliations.



Each player gets five personal fouls per game

The fifth foul results in fouling out and that player may not return to the game

If a team has only four players to play a game, or only four left that have not fouled out, and a player fouls out, which would leave a 3 on 4 situation, the player that just fouled out stays in the game. Each additional personal foul against that player (6 or more) will result in a technical foul

You can not sub in players that have fouled out

A team is over the limit after 8 personal fouls in one half, creating the 2 shot situation for the rest of the half

When the official determines a flagrant foul has been committed (a player not going for the ball, but rather the hard foul), the opposing team will receive 2 points and possession of the ball.

Both technical fouls and flagrant fouls also counts as a personal foul

The result of a technical foul is 3 points for the opposition team and possession of the ball.

A player is ejected after receiving a second technical foul (a called technical, not related to being over the personal foul limit) in the same game

An ejection leads to a one game suspension

2 ejections lead to a suspension for the rest of the season



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