3 vs 3 Basketball Rules of the Game




Season Details


A regular 3x3 court playing surface is half basketball court with 1 basket

Team roster


Minimum: 4 players Maximum: 6 players

● 3 players + (1 to 3 substitutes)

Note:​​​game​​ must​​ start​​ with​​ 3​​(three)​​ players​​ from​​ each​​ team


● Players only allowed to participate on 1 team, Can Not play on multiple teams ● Each team must have 1 player designated as team captain

Court Monitor (league staff)

1 court monitor per court – track time, score, and fouls for specified court

Time-outs (*Running Clock)

1 – 20 second time out per team per game, Clock does not stop during timeouts

Initial possession

Home Team Player will shoot for outs – Player from home team shoots free throw.  If made, home team gets 1st possession.  If missed, opposing team gets possession.


Note:​​​If ​​in ​​overtime,​​repeat ​​process​​ above​​ to ​​decide​​ first ​​overtime​​ possession


Free throw= 1 point regular shoot= 2 points 3 point shoot= 3 points


Game duration & Score limit


2 game slots per hour

Ex) 10:00 > 10:30 > 11:00


10 minute warm-up (Subject​​to​​be​​reduced​​pending​​if​​there​​is​​overtime​​in​​game​​before)

20 minute game with running clock


OT Initial Possession: Home team player shoots for outs (see initial possession above)


Sudden Death = First team to score wins the game

Shot clock

No Shot Clock, however holding ball to run clock not allowed

Must initiate action or change of possession will be awarded to defense

Free Throws

●Everyone except the shooter will stand near the half court ●Possession changed after free throw taken

(ex. Offense shoots free throw then defense gets ball no matter make/miss)



Procedure: If Defensive foul, team foul recorded by monitor and offensive team gets possession.


If offensive foul, team foul recorded by monitor and defense gets possession.

Fouls called by players based on Honor system

Only players on court make calls


Shooting fouls are considered common team fouls

If shot missed, offense gets possession

If shot made, offense gets made basket and possession goes to Defense


No rough, aggressive play allowed

No hard fouls

Foul limit per team

4 team fouls

Bonus entered once defending team commits 5th foul

Bonus (Penalty for 5 and more fouls)

1 Point + 1 Free Throw

Possession following a successful goal

● Defense gets possession after made basket ● Inbounder must be at halfcourt line

● Inbounder checks ball with defense after made basket

● Defensive team must be at least 3 feet away from inbounder

● Inbounder can not dribble and must pass ball in to begin possession

● Inbounder has 5 seconds to pass the ball before violation resulting in a turnover

...following an airball (change in possession)

...following a dead ball

Defense must clear ball behind free throw line extended

Check ball exchange at half court line

...following a defensive rebound or steal

Ball to be cleared = dribbled/passed behind free throw line extended

...following a jumpball situation

Defense awarded possession



Made during dead ball situations, prior to check

ball exchange

● Substitute must stand near court monitor prior to substitution

● During check ball exchange, defense will hold ball until substitutions have been

completed then check the ball back to the inbounder



Teams must initiate action at all times no matter the score. Teams that attempt to run the clock and hold the ball will be penalized and forced to give up possession of the ball.  Players must hustle at all times to provide the maximum amount of playing time for everyone. When one player is slow to sub in or get in position, it wastes time for all the other players, reducing the amount of game time everyone gets.

Spectators are expected to only cheer and support team - Not try and coach a team, make calls, or disrupt the game in anyway.