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5 vs 5 Basketball Rules of the Game

General Basketball Rules

  • There is  back court violation

  • There is  8 second violation

  • There is 3 seconds in the key

  • There is 5 seconds closely guarded

  • All teams must have a uniform with a number. Players without a uniform will receive a technical foul.

​Game Rules

  • All games will start at their scheduled time

  • Each Half is 20 minutes in length, Stop time at free throws and last 2 minutes of both halves.

  • If a team is over 20 minutes late, the opposing team wins by default

  • If a team is 10 minutes late (or under), the opposing team will be rewarded the equivalent amount of time in points

  • Overtime is 3 minutes in length.

  • In the event of a team with 4 players, they will not be allowed to add from the gym

  • Each team gets 3 timeouts per game

  • Each team gets 1 timeout in overtime

  • Teams must consist of 2 or more women depending on how many players a team has. If a team has more than 5 players on its roster team must consist of more than 2 women

  • Men cannot block women’s shot at any time, any contact with the ball on a shot attempt will be considered a goaltending violation

  • Men must guard men at all times

  • Double team on women is not allowed


  • Any team that wishes to add a player to their roster must do so before the 50% game of the season.

  • Players are only eligible for the playoffs if they played in (50%) or more of their team’s games throughout the season.

  • A  Roster additions cannot be made to any team after week 50% of the season.

  • All roster additions are subject to League Office approval

​Forfeit Rules

  • Any team that shows up with 4 or fewer players on the team roster forfeits the current game

  • Any game that is started with 4 or fewer players will be a forfeit regardless if another player shows up after the game has started

  • Every effort is made to ensure that each game is played, responsible communicate, make the decision, then contact DBC. This will end defaults.

  • If a team forfeits twice within the same season, they are ineligible for the playoffs at the end of the season

  • If a team is unable to present two women on the court, they will lose by default


  • The number of teams eligible for the playoffs will depend on the size of the Division

  • Only players that were on the original roster, or played half the team’s games if added after the season started, are eligible to play in the playoffs

  • A team is not allowed to add or pickup players for a playoff game

  • Playoff games can be played with a minimum of 4 players on a side


  • Each game has 2 official in attendance except for Novice and minis

  • All players, coaches, fans, parents and spectators will treat the officials with respect and goodwill

  • It is up to the official to call fouls and technical fouls and they have full authority from the YBL to do so at their discretion

  • The use of profanity towards officials will not be tolerated and can result in technical fouls, suspensions or expulsion from DBC and all its affiliations.


  • Each player gets five personal fouls per game

  • The fifth foul results in fouling out and that player may not return to the game

  • If a team has only four players to play a game, or only four left that have not fouled out, and a player fouls out, which would leave a 3 on 4 situation, the player that just fouled out stays in the game. Each additional personal foul against that player (6 or more) will result in a technical foul

  • You can not sub in players that have fouled out

  • A team is over the limit after 8 personal fouls in one half creates the 2 shot situation for the rest of the half

  • When the official determines a flagrant foul has been committed (a player not going for the ball, but rather the hard foul), the opposing team will receive 2 points and possession of the basketball.

  • Both technical fouls and flagrant fouls also count as a personal foul

  • The result of a technical foul is 2 points for the opposition team and possession of the ball.

  • A player is ejected after receiving a second technical foul (a called technical, not related to being over the personal foul limit) in the same game.  The second technical will result in the ejection.

  •  2 ejections lead to a suspension for the rest of the league

​2 league suspensions lead to a ban from DBC AND ITS AFFILIATIONS.


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